Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Surviving Finals

It’s getting closer to finals week at Westminster and work is starting to pile up. It’s easy to get overly stressed, but there are something things you can do relax. It’s important during this time to find healthy ways to calm the nerves.

Exercise is vital for surviving finals week. I suggest going for a long bike ride, exercising in Westminster’s facilities or simply just go on a long walk to clear your head. Take time to just breath. My favorite outlet is yoga. Many challenges that see impossible to deal dissipate after some downward dog!

Stay Organized. Find a tactic that works best for you. I’m a list person. Without my lists I feel pretty lost, but at times when I can feel a homework freak out about to happen I can go back to my lists and see what is a priority for me. Staying organized is crucial to surviving how hectic finals week can be.

As college students I know that most of us turn to the basic food groups: Ramen, Mac and Cheese and PB&J. We are all on college budgets so these foods are unavoidable, but these foods can be counterproductive for your studying needs. Make sure you eat lots of veggies, fruits and get plenty of protein to get the nutrients your body desires.

College is all about balancing. Balancing relationships, friendships, school and work. The best tip I can give is to make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep, especially during finals week. Personally I know I barely make 7 hours a night, but try to organize your day so you can hit the sack early and get some Zzz’s.

For all you students looking for work, but don’t feel like you can on top of your heavy workloads I suggest working on campus. I work for Westminster Admissions and my boss gives everyone finals week off. A great perk that you cannot get working off campus.

Finals are a crazy time for everyone, but take the steps to make your finals experience a little more bearable. Most importantly try to stay positive. A positive attitude can do wonders for improving your chi. 

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